UKIDOKAN fight training is sport kickboxing and martial arts. Punches are from western boxing, kicks are Taekwondo, power kicks, elbows and knees are from Muay Thai, rushes are Shotokan, side steps are White Crane Kung Fu, grappling is Aikido, Judo,and Jiu Jitsu and Gene Lebell grappling.

Texas UKIDOKAN'S instructor, Sensei Steve Shauger, began his training under Benny "The Jet" in 1982, in Van Nuys, California. After 6 months of training, he moved back to his hometown, Madison,Wi, to continue his practice of UKIDOKAN, boxing and TaeKwondo. Several times , he returned to Los Angeles to visit Sensei Benny and study UKIDOKAN. He moved back to California in 2000 and was trained by Sensei Benny at The Jet's Gym in North Hollywood until 2007. He has received his 5th degree blackbelt rank from Sensei Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.

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