UKIDOKAN, meaning "a way of life", is more than learning the punches, kicks, throws and submissions that are always associated with martial training. It is a philosophy that embraces the concept of realization of who you are, naturally. That you are a living energy existing in nature. That, whether you are a professional fighter or someone that just wants to know that you can handle yourself under pressure, your search for knowledge and desire for perfection have led you down the warrior's path. The fighting spirit that exists in all of nature's creatures is in you and wants to be nourished.


Sensei Benny "The Jet" Urquidez is of Spanish and Blackfoot descent. Of an internationally renown family of professional fighters. He is the longest reigning undefeated fighter in professional sports history, with more world title defenses than anyone in history. From '74 to '93 he defended his title 64 times with 59 knockouts. He was simultaniously the undisputed grand champion all six years of The World Series of Martial Arts mma tournaments, and from '75 to '93 regarded as the best kickboxer in the world.

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